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✍️ Sunday sermon: Coincidences or Godincidences, today’s church and future plans more

✍️ The fishing, the radio slots and the garden more

✍️ Monday memory: Eleven states in three days and the Maine crab more

✍️ Dr. No 1962 more

✍️ Daison update, fishing on the Montgomery Canal, work, on the drive eventually and the garden more

✍️ Small pool, wet weather and a very nice perch more

✍️ One run, one pike and two sessions in credit more

✍️ From Russia With Love 1963 more

✍️ Making the most of no midweek game with another two angling sessions more

✍️ My second session was a pike dead bait one on a pond more

✍️ When is a terrorist not a terrorist? more


  1. Stewart, you hit the nail right on the proverbial with “Godincidences”.
    My wife and I are acutely aware of Godincidences throughout our 42 years together. He is why we live where we live.