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  1. Hi Stewart, thoroughly enjoying your blogs and the accompanying videos, love the simplicity of how you fish and enjoy how the blogs cover wildlife and your radio slot and the sermons. Just a question regarding the pike fishing, do you use mono or braid for the main line.


    1. Hello, Matt.
      Thanks for the kind words, very much appreciated.
      I use mono for pike fishing. I’m usually fishing quite close to the bank with a float so can’t see any real advantage if I used braid.

      1. Hi Stewert thank you for your reply, going fishing tomorrow so going to deadbait for pike. One last question in regards to float fishing for Roach Perch etc would you use a bigger float in deeper water ? I see you use a 0.8g for fairly shallow water


        1. I tend to go for the smallest / lightest float in any situation but where there’s wind or more casting involved then would naturally need a bigger float.
          Tight lines tomorrow.