A slow, but not stationary, tench session — Too Busy Thinking About My Baby and the musical generations — ‘Don’t buy me anything expensive’ — Hawkeye And The Last Of The Mohicans 1957

A slow, but not stationary, tench session

Fishing every day, the sessions do merge with one another in many ways and I had to look at my website to realise that four blog posts have passed since I last pursued tench.

With a couple of non-working days, where I’ll be at home, the scene was set for another early tinca session.

Arriving at the lake before the sun had risen above the tree line, the mist wafted gently across the water giving it an eerie, autumnal look.

However, in due course that disappeared and we were back to summer.

Fishing over brown crumb and sweetcorn, I legered (3/8 oz bomb) a single grain of corn on a size 10 hook. Line strength was 6lb.

With no tench feeding bubbles and no sign of any fish, regardless of species, showing I knew it was going to be a challenging session.

Therefore, it was very encouraging when I netted an early fish.

This was followed by one later on.

A slow, but not stationary, tench session.

The blog post accompanying video features footage from the water’s edge.