Tench fishing to start the day — Happy birthday, Debby — Hawkeye And The Last Of The Mohicans 1957

Tench fishing to start the day

Although I did set the alarm, I was up before then anyway and on my way to do some lake tench fishing.

We’ve passed the watershed point of August and it’s all downhill now, which in practical terms means that I’ve got just a couple of weeks left of my current tench focus.

After mixing brown crumb and sweetcorn, I threw out several balls by hand and then flicked the 3/8 oz lead in the area.

Bait was a single grain of corn on a size 10 hook and line strength was 6lb.

It was very positive to spot tench bubbles on the surface but did they translate to fish?

The answer is yes, as I ended the short session with three on the bank.

There’s more in the video, as well as the rig.

Tench fishing to start the day and my wife’s birthday