A walk through woodland to start the day — A change of plan but I still went fishing — It might not seem like work but it is — Interviewing Benny Couto

A walk through woodland to start the day

With it being a working day, it was a departure from my usual angling at first light.

Instead, I took my dog and binoculars down the lane and through woodland (three images above).

It was a pleasant day and the birds were active, with nuthatch, stock dove and jay the highlights of the short walk.

Although it was a short-sleeved shirt start to the day (I was wearing my TNS FC polo), there was still an autumnal feel in the air.

Fruits and berries are in abundance, a reminder that like life, the natural world consists of seasons.

We’re definitely in the transition period between summer and autumn.

I don’t know about you but I’m not sure what my favourite season is. I genuinely love them all.