Watching a sparrowhawk kill — Fishing a small pond in heavy rain — Talking angling and Welsh football on radio — Wolves, driving me to drink, Heineken and Guinness to be precise

Watching a sparrowhawk kill

While getting ready for an early angling session, as always I looked out of the back window to see what was happening around the feeding station.

As is usually the case, it was very busy, but then I noticed that the birds scattered.

A sparrowhawk had flown in and landed on the garden with a small songbird in its grip.

It then went on the garden fence, with the bird held tightly, before flying off.

I captured a few seconds of footage and that’s in the accompanying video.

It’s not always nice to see, especially when the prey is still alive, as the predator tears into it with its beak.

However, it’s nature, and I have no issues at all with a bird of prey using the garden as a feeding ground of its own.