The great outdoors and mental health — Four species of fish from the upper Severn — Alberbury, where my Welsh and English roots first entwined — National Treasure: Book Of Secrets 2007

The great outdoors and mental health

We hear a lot about mental health these days, certainly more so than in the past.

You do have to look after yourself on that front, and from my own personal perspective, you can’t beat the great outdoors.

I spend a lot of time in the immediate area where I live (top two images above), which has extensive woodland, meadows and countryside in general.

I don’t go there because I feel down though but rather because I’m a keen amateur naturalist. I love British nature.

However, whenever I do go on a walk around the area, regardless of how I felt before, I’m always on the next level mentally when I return home.

Even if we’re not in a rural or semi-rural location, most of us have access to some sort of green space, such as a park, where we can recharge.

Feeling down? Engage with the great outdoors.