Tench fishing — Engaging with a moorhen — Swifts, the last to arrive and the first to go — Talking angling and Welsh football on Bayside Radio — Monday memories: Kai Edwards and as long as your bait’s in the water — The Broken Horseshoe 1953

Tench fishing

Before the sun rose over the horizon, with mist blowing gently across it the lake I was fishing had an autumnal feel to it.

Once the sun was above the tree line though, it was summer business as usual, as I continued with my tench campaign.

Fishing corn over brown crumb about three rod lengths from the bank, I didn’t have a bite in three hours.

More a case of tench fishing without the tench.

What I did pick up on was the lack of feeding bubbles.

They usually give themselves away on this lake but, on this occasion, there was no evidence of fish with their heads down.