Tench fishing to start the day — Feeding a coot who is feeding a coot — A challenging angling session — From Liverpool to Blackburn Rovers and now The New Saints on loan, an interview with Jared Harlock

Tench fishing to start the day

Yesterday was a work day, so although I went fishing, it was a departure from my current up-early-and-go-after-tench routine.

This time though it was back to business as usual.

It’s been working well for me in recent weeks, however for the second session on the bounce I blanked.

Fishing a single grain of sweetcorn over corn and brown crumb, I didn’t even get a single bite and more to the point I didn’t notice any feeding bubbles at all on the lake.

I was planning to continue after tench throughout the course of August but has that now reached a premature conclusion?

Well, I’m not jumping to any conclusions just yet, so we’ll see how the next few sessions go.

Still, I went fishing and enjoyed the great outdoors. A blank is hardly the end of the world, is it?