Behind the media scenes as The New Saints close in on a 15th Cymru Premier title and I saw a barn owl on the rabbit run near Badger

This time round, the game went ahead and before kick-off I captured the players’ preparations on the pitch, as always.

There were mascots as well and I like to get them on footage.

It’s a big day for them, running out with the players and it’s nice to film them in the tunnel area as well.

I think the behind-the-scenes footage is important, as it gives insight into what goes on at the club.

Then there was the game itself, where my involvement was commentary on TNS Radio.


    1. Lovely birds and I always keep an eye open for them when driving home in the dark.
      I’ve had several sightings over the years in that wider general, including one a few weeks back which was perched on a post by the side of the road.