Fishing at the second attempt and as long as your bait’s in the water

With a wet and very windy start to the working week forecast, a glance out of the window on Monday morning confirmed that to be the case.

Still, as I often say, it was business as usual as far as my fishing was concerned, so I got the car ready as normal and set off.

However, as I was looking to leave the lane and enter the B road, I was confronted by a number of blue flashing lights, with ambulances, a fire engine and police cars attending an incident.

It’s not a built-up area, where you can take the next road just yards away, so there wasn’t that option available.

Knowing how much congestion there would be, especially at that time of day with people going to work, I didn’t consider other routes.


    1. It’s great, Matt. Close to where I live as well, so easy access.
      Most of the canal is rural and picturesque.