Exploring my semi-retirement and hello, Dave the roach

This will be a different week to any other since last May, in the sense that by time I finish it I will have worked six days on the bounce.

It’s not negative though, far from it, because two of the days are due to exploring my semi-retirement.

I like that term actually, which I randomly thought-up, because it is exactly where I am at this moment in time.

The couple of days in question saw me back at the main dealer and driving.

It was great to work with Dave again, collecting customers’ cars and returning them after they’ve been serviced.


  1. Although I live in Droitwich now, my grandmother used to live in the tower blocks (posh, I thought at the time) in Stetchford during the 70’s. I remember there being a fantastic little lake opposite. I spent many an hour catching minnows, or during dark evenings, watching the night anglers’ lights from my nan’s balcony. I often wonder whether it’s still fishable…

    1. Great memories there, Jonathan.
      What I find is that when so many of us look back over the years, it’s often the minnows, sticklebacks and such that we reminisce about.
      Probably because we didn’t necessarily catch big fish anyway as children but I also think there are important lessons there.
      The best memories aren’t always about bigger and best.
      I definitely think there’s something there for a blog entry!