An angling session to start the day, the sermon inspired by a guestbook post, blogging and comments

I do enjoy blogging and when you consider I started on July 5, 2003 and I’m still going strong all these years later then that’s an obvious statement to make.

It is a personal journal first and foremost but I make it public and the views/clicks certainly make it worthwhile.

As long as people visit it and presumably get something from it, which is hopefully the reason why the statistics are encouraging, then I’ll keep it in the public domain.

I’ve already mentioned comments but I don’t get many. Lots of clicks but not many responses.

That isn’t a problem, of course, and let’s face it, one of the reasons why some social media accounts are very active as far as comments are concerned is because they, for whatever reason, attract lots of ‘haters’.


  1. I didn’t realize you’d been blogging so long, Stewart. That’s amazing. I enjoy reading your posts even though I’m no fishermen. I like how you weave in the Lord and what you learn about Him within your fishing tales. I pray you continue for a good while to come.

    1. Thanks, very much appreciated.
      It’s definitely what they call a labour of love, without doubt.
      My faith is very important to me and who I am, and especially here in the UK where Christianity is very much on the sidelines for most people, it’s an opportunity to try and portray faith in a positive light.
      Every blessing.