An angling session to start the day, the sermon inspired by a guestbook post, blogging and comments

I opened comments on my YouTube channel a while back, especially as I had a couple of messages from people saying they missed the opportunity to post something.

However, after doing so I found that I was getting hardly anything posted.

Not that it’s a problem, of course not, but when the comments option is closed then it does help time management.

The last thing I want to be doing is checking this site and that account for messages.

Imagine if you’ve got the whole works of social media platforms, it could become quite a lengthy and ongoing process, especially when you’re having multiple conversations with people throughout the day.


  1. I didn’t realize you’d been blogging so long, Stewart. That’s amazing. I enjoy reading your posts even though I’m no fishermen. I like how you weave in the Lord and what you learn about Him within your fishing tales. I pray you continue for a good while to come.

    1. Thanks, very much appreciated.
      It’s definitely what they call a labour of love, without doubt.
      My faith is very important to me and who I am, and especially here in the UK where Christianity is very much on the sidelines for most people, it’s an opportunity to try and portray faith in a positive light.
      Every blessing.