An angling session to start the day, the sermon inspired by a guestbook post, blogging and comments

I’m enjoying watching a float and although I’m not getting any surprises, as long as you are realistic about what you’re going to catch, that’s the important thing.

This session was in four feet of water and about one rod length from the bank, so comfortable fishing.

Bait was a couple of maggots on a size 14 hook and I threw a few out every now and then as the bites were more steady rather than prolific.

Just over an hour in total, I banked a number of roach and one perch.

Most of my angling-related blog post lead images of late have featured the former, so I went with the latter this time.

Watch the accompanying video.


  1. I didn’t realize you’d been blogging so long, Stewart. That’s amazing. I enjoy reading your posts even though I’m no fishermen. I like how you weave in the Lord and what you learn about Him within your fishing tales. I pray you continue for a good while to come.

    1. Thanks, very much appreciated.
      It’s definitely what they call a labour of love, without doubt.
      My faith is very important to me and who I am, and especially here in the UK where Christianity is very much on the sidelines for most people, it’s an opportunity to try and portray faith in a positive light.
      Every blessing.