An angling session to start the day, the sermon inspired by a guestbook post, blogging and comments

My trapped nerve was working overtime during the night, and I kept changing positions to get some respite, but to no avail.

In due course, as I tossed and turned, I noticed that the sky outside was lighter.

Morning was on its way, so I got up and went fishing.

It was another small pool session this morning and a short one by necessity, as I was at church later.

I’m doing quite well on these type of venues, well relatively speaking of course, as fish sizes have to be considered according to the place that you’re on.


  1. I didn’t realize you’d been blogging so long, Stewart. That’s amazing. I enjoy reading your posts even though I’m no fishermen. I like how you weave in the Lord and what you learn about Him within your fishing tales. I pray you continue for a good while to come.

    1. Thanks, very much appreciated.
      It’s definitely what they call a labour of love, without doubt.
      My faith is very important to me and who I am, and especially here in the UK where Christianity is very much on the sidelines for most people, it’s an opportunity to try and portray faith in a positive light.
      Every blessing.