Dover, security check and Brexit — Lots of reflection on the English Channel — Destination Luxembourg

Dover, security check and Brexit

I often write about an early start in reference to a first light angling session.

This time though, I was taking it to a new level, when I was up at 1.10 a.m. and in this instance I definitely set the alarm on my iPhone.

With a long day of travelling ahead, my own driving contribution was to get to the Welsh border, where I got on a coach for the rest of the journey.

With The New Saints playing FC Swift Hesperange In Luxembourg, this was the first European adventure I’ve been on that hasn’t involved flying.

The players had set off the day before and with just thirteen of us on the officials’ coach, there was plenty of room to stretch out.

As well as media, the chairman, chief operating officer, photographer and sporting director were on board.