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Last angling session of July and a change

I’m currently enjoying my tench fishing and intend to continue through August in pursuit of the species.

My final session of July though – and the last one for a few days – saw a different approach.

Still lake fishing, I took a float rod with me this time and fished just off a bed of lilies.

I flicked a small waggler with the shot around the float itself, about one rod length out into six feet of water.

The purpose of the shot pattern was so that the bait sank slowly through the water, thus giving the option to catch fish on the drop.

As it was, everything I caught was on the bottom.

I baited the spot with sloppy brown crumb and mixed maggots, which both attracted fish to the area and kept them there.


  1. I just bought a cheap Tenkara rod and will try it out probably next week. I’ll let you know how it goes!