The UEFA delegate’s meeting at Stade de Luxembourg — Sightseeing in Luxembourg City and a poignant reminder of Nazi occupation — Behind the media scenes as Swift Hesperange play The New Saints in the Europa Conference League

The UEFA delegate’s meeting at Stade de Luxembourg

On the morning of the game between FC Swift Hesperange and The New Saints FC, four of us went to Stade de Luxembourg, where the match is being played, to represent The New Saints at the UEFA delegate’s meeting.

With club officials, security, police, referee etc in attendance, it’s the final opportunity to run through the practical details, both on and off the pitch, so that everything goes smoothly.

Public transport in Luxembourg is free, so we travelled to the stadium by bus.

It’s a beautiful place, and as well as the stadium, I captured footage on the way.

At the Stade de Luxembourg prior to FC Swift Hesperange v The New Saints