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Garden nature diary July 2023

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July 1

Lots of juvenile birds around the feeding station: chaffinch, dunnock, greenfinch, house sparrow, great spotted woodpecker, wood pigeon.

A pair of ravens displaying over the wooded eastern slope of the valley.

July 2

Two swifts in the immediate area. 

July 5

Three swifts in the immediate area. 

July 6

Juvenile robindunnock and two goldfinches in the garden. 

July 14

An adult and juvenile stock doves in the garden throughout the day. 

Looking through the window when going to bed, a fox passed through the front garden. 

July 15

Five chaffinches (adults and juveniles) on the feeding station. 

Two swifts in flight over our home. 

July 16

Magpies continue to visit daily, with a family group of four in regular attendance today. 

July 21

Eleven goldfinches (adults and juveniles) on the feeding station at the same time. 

Four collared doves arrived in the garden together. 

It’s good to see the next generation of birds coming through. 

July 22

A pair of stock doves in the garden regularly today. 

We never had them in the previous house in almost forty years but we get them pretty much every day here. 

It’s all about location. 

July 23

collared dovestock dove and wood pigeon beneath the feeding station at the same time. 

July 24

humming-bird hawk-moth hovering over buddleia in the back garden. 

Lots of juveniles in the garden: blackbird, blue tit, chaffinch, collared dove, dunnock, great tit, greenfinch, magpie, robin. 

July 25

Three swallows heading in a northerly direction, over Straits Primary School. 

July 26

From the drive two ravens in soaring flight over the eastern slope. Called once, which is what alerted me to them. 

One Swift. 

July 29

Lots of goldfinches on the feeding station of late, a family group of seven today, with the very young juveniles constantly fluttering their wings to attract attention.