Tench fishing to start the day — Am I hopeless? — The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air 1994

Tench fishing to start the day

Another day, another early morning start and another session in pursuit of tench.

I won’t be going beyond August for the species, which although just five weeks or so away does mean quite a few trips.

I met up with Ian Clarke again to do some fishing together and we had pegs that were close so that we could chat.

I’m usually a solo angler but I’ve enjoyed our outings over the last week.

As well as talking about the past there’s been plenty to discuss about the present.

After all, although memories are great you can’t live in the past, can you.


  1. Hello Stewart, Paul Huxtable here. I’m glad to see you’ve managed to catch a few Tinca’s just lately, something I’ve failed miserably at over the last couple of weeks; this despite rising early and on other days fishing late. I used to delay my attempts at Tench until the magical 16th but in recent seasons I’ve found the best of the fishing had already gone by that date. So mid May has been my new starting time for a few years now. This year with the strange Spring we had it was a bit up and down but happily I did have some good days on two of the three venues I fish for this lovely species. But since Summer proper has deserted us the Tench have gone into hiding and reluctantly I’ve had to change my plans and settle for the Bream and Roach dodging the boats on my local canal at Fradley! Maybe Summer will return later in August? Anyway I hope you are keeping well and enjoying retirement! Paul.

    1. Hello, Paul.
      I’m thoroughly enjoying my tench fishing this year.
      Shame that your venue has gone quiet and the canals will be busier as well now that the schools have broken up.
      All good, Paul, hope you are as well.
      Yes, loving retirement even if it’s just semi-retirement at the moment.