Letting go and moving on, playing football at 61, voting in the local elections and a late morning angling session

Letting go and moving on

Although our previous church closed down three Sundays ago, my wife and I have a number of visits left to clear some of the stuff that remains from our occupation of the building.

Although we were in our fourth decade of the church’s existence, when we went there this week I didn’t see it as anything other than going to a building to sort out things destined for the tip.

Does that mean I’m glad to see the back of Tipton Family Church?

No, absolutely not!

It just means that a season has come to an end and you move on, that’s all.

I’m glad that I do feel that way because there’s no point in holding on to things when they’ve ended.

There are times in life when we all have to let go and move on.

It might be a relationship, a church, job, moving home or numerous other things.

You still have fond memories but a season has come to an end and you don’t keep looking back.