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Small but perfectly formed, my favourite species

Not that I need an excuse to go fishing, but with maggots still in the fridge from a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to use them up before they started to turn to casters.

I fished a pool with a small waggler and two white maggots on a size 14 hook.

I was after perch and although we tend to think of the colour red when targeting them, I often go for white maggots.

Fishing close to lilies, I couldn’t get as tight as I wanted due to the wind that made casting difficult at times.

I was still able to present the bait though and I trickled loose maggots in on a regular basis.

It wasn’t the ideal time for perch fishing, as I much prefer dawn and dusk, but when I don’t have a choice I just go anyway.

I caught lots of small fish, all perch and all perfectly formed.

My favourite species. What’s yours and why?

You don’t have to catch big fish to enjoy angling