Monday Memories: Use ta be my girl — Fine margin angling session — The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air 1995

Monday memories: Use ta be my girl

I’ve lived through vinyl (and returned to it), cassettes, CDs and now streaming, with a Spotify account that I’ve had for a few years.

Based on your listening experience, Spotify produces playlists for you to download, and driving to my morning angling session I hit play button on the one that I’d just put on my phone.

It was great to find that randomly it had selected The O’Jays’ Use Ta Be My Girl.

Released when I was fifteen, I can remember buying it and playing the single on my record player at home.

Although I was a Motown boy back then, Philly – or Philadelphia International Records to give it its full title – was a good second best.

Although most people think of I Love Music or Love Train when the O’Jays are mentioned, although I like those songs, Use Ta Be My Girl definitely does it for me.