Holiday or not, the Bayside Radio show goes on — Float fishing from the rocks with the tackle explained in detail — A visit to Holyhead Breakwater Country Park

Holiday or not, the Bayside Radio show goes on

Although I was on holiday, the Bayside Radio fishing and Welsh football show continued.

I had my iPhone with me anyway and I took my headset along, which was all I needed.

That’s the beauty of modern technology, you don’t always need a lot of equipment to make things work.

I went on my mobile data and everything went to plan.

Although it’s the off-season for the clubs we usually talk about in the Welsh football slot, there’s always something to discuss.

Likewise with the angling chat and it’s always good to receive positive feedback.

It’s not unusual for someone to contact the station to say they’re taken up fishing as result of listening to us on air.

I love the questions we get, as well, with several this week including when is the best time to get out and about.