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Blogging, always a pleasure and never a burden

I’m always open to change, as far as my blogging is concerned, especially when it’s to do with time management.

The latest tinkering at the edges, because that’s all it is in reality, is to make just one post a day, which includes several individual threads.

I have been doing that for a while anyway, with other stuff added to the fishing sessions, which invariably have formed the main thrust of the blog anyway.

I actually did this some years ago anyway, when I followed this format.

Back to the time management reference, I write my blog posts as they happen and then copy, paste and publish them on my site, so it’s all very easy, straightforward and not time consuming.

From start to finish, it’s all on my phone as well, which includes not only the text but also the videos.

Enjoy your blogging, but it should always be a pleasure and never a burden.

Talking of which, I started blogging on July 5, 2003, which means that today I’ve been going continually for 1,035 weeks or 7,245 days.

Those figures in themselves, tell you that it’s always been a labour of love as far as I’m concerned.