Cotwall End Valley nature diary for March 2023

The lead image is from my home, looking across the valley towards the wooded eastern slope.

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March 6

A late walk along the lane, through the woodland and to the main pool.

Five mallards (3m, 2f) and great to see two moorhens, which looked like a pair.

March 7

A very productive walk through woodland, finding the first nesting site of the year, with a blue tit occupying a hole in a tree.

A badger sett that I already knew of is still active, with signs of fresh digging.

With recent rain producing mud, there were plenty of badger and muntjac tracks showing.

Still two moorhens on the main pool and mallards (4m, 3f).

March 11

Walking the full length of the lane to Spout House and the eastern slope woodland.

One moorhen and five mallards (3m, 2f) on the main pool.

In the woodland, jay and goldcrest and 3 redwing on the western slope.

A pair of song thrushes in a field alongside the lane. The first of the year.

March 26

On the main pool mallards (4m, 3f) and two moorhens.

Nuthatch and mistle thrush singing alongside pool and song thrush in adjoining field.