Silhouette Of A Killer, The Devil Rides Out, Beauty And The Beast and Circumstantial

The first in the Turn Of Fate short television movies, Silhouette Of A Killer (top left image), is from 1957.

Ellen (played by Beverly Garland) is in her remote home alone, when breaking news comes on the radio that a killer is on the loose, after escaping from the police following a car crash.

She locks the doors but it’s too late. A man (Robert Ryan) fitting the description is already in the house.

He can’t remember who he is, due to concussion, then he hears the radio himself.

He decides to turn himself in but when he gets to the police station, they recognise him.

He isn’t the killer but the attorney who was escorting him and that’s why he was wearing handcuffs on one hand.

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