Set in Brighton, Be My Guest is a story of three young men looking to make it big in the music industry – One of them did in real-life

A 1965 British movie, where three young men look to make it as far as the music industry is concerned.

One of them – Steve Marriott – did in real-life when he became lead singer and played guitar with Small Faces.

In the movie, they move from London to Brighton where they all get jobs and end up writing a song ‘Be My Guest’ which hits the big-time.

Also starring Dave Hemmings, his parents run a guest house in Brighton, having moved from London.

There’s outdoors footage, which is always nice to see, especially if you know the same places now.

I don’t but, nevertheless, I still enjoy the sights and scenes from the past and black and white seems to capture everything from that era perfectly.

Another movie from TPTV Encore, where there’s a designated category called ‘Films With A Beat’.

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