Footage from 1939, released as a movie in 1953, Buck Rogers and Planet Outlaws paving the way for Star Trek and Stars Wars

First seeing the light of day as a newspaper comic strip in 1929, Buck Rogers was very popular in the ensuing years.

The movie, Planet Outlaws, was released in 1953 but apart from monologues at the start and ending, the footage is all from 1939.

Very basic compared to the sci-fi movies from today, nevertheless Buck Rogers plays an important role in the development of the film genre and you can see the roots of the likes of Star Trek and Star Wars.

In the movie, Buck Rogers and Buddy (Buster Crabbe and Jackie Moran) find themselves 500 years in the future.

They end up saving the world from the evil Killer Kane.

All good stuff and in those pre-space exploration days, all very fascinating and inspiring for (mostly) young boys.

In fact, the only female in the movie is Constance Moore, who plays Wilma Deering.

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