The Last Days Of Dolwyn, in both English and Welsh starring a young Richard Burton in his debut movie

This one, when I spotted it on TPTV Encore, instantly caught my eye.

The Last Days Of Dolwyn (1949) is the story of a remote Welsh village, earmarked for flooding to provide water for Liverpool.

It’s being driven by a Welshman, Rob (played by Emlyn Williams) who unknown to the villagers, was driven out of Dolwyn as a young boy for stealing.

It’s personal revenge that motivates him.

Just when everyone is set to leave, Gareth (Richard Burton in his first film) discovers a document that shows his mom, Merri (played by Edith Evans), owns land and which throws a spanner in the works.

Rob still doesn’t give up though and he brings Lord Lancashire (Allan Aynesworth) to the village in person to persuade Merri to sell.

Rob had originally tricked Lord Lancashire, but once he realises the village is inhabited the plans to flood are cancelled.