Blackout, a 1950 British crime thriller starring Maxwell Reed and Dinah Sheridan

Starring Maxwell Reed and Dinah Sheridan, Blackout is a 1950 British crime thriller.

I watched it on TPTV Encore, which is a great source of movies from the era.

Chris Pelley (Maxwell Reed) loses his sight and while still blind, prior to an operation that restores his vision, he quite literally stumbles across a dead body.

The three killers think about adding him to their tally but decide, as he’s blind and no perceivable threat, to let him go.

The police don’t believe his story, so he investigates on his own.

He teams up with Pat Dale (played by Dinah Sheridan) and between them they get to the bottom of the murder and the plot that surrounds it.

Maxwell Reed was married to Joan Collins between 1952 and 1956.

Dinah Sheridan was one of the first actresses to appear on fledgling television, as it was then, in 1936.

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