Steptoe And Son Ride Again, a 1973 movie based on the television series

Steptoe And Son was a popular television programme that people from my generation will remember well.

It’s first outing – in black and white – was from 1962-1965.

Then it returned – from 1970-1974 – in colour, which are the years I can recall.

The 1973 movie, Steptoe And Son, was the second one and released as the series was drawing to a final close.

It’s just like a television episode, featuring both the yard and out on the streets with the horse and cart.

Centred around father and son, Albert Steptoe (Wilfred Brambell) and Harold Steptoe (Harry H Corbett), the interaction between them continues where they left off on the small screen.

Harold is conned by some crooks and ends up buying a visually-impaired greyhound, which leads to footage of White City.

One of the big positives regarding older movies is the outdoor filming, where you get to go back in time yourself.

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