Perch Fishing, Dilwyn The Bedlington Terrier And Interviews

Hello, July! I don’t know about you, but as we enter the second-half of 2021, I think the year has gone so quickly.

Time flies, we need to make the most of it is the first blog entry of the month and you can check out the other Thought For The Day posts via the menu at the top of the page.

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Thought For The Day
July 1.
Time Flies, Make The Most Of It.
Hosting The Interviewers
My job is varied and, on that basis, interesting.
No interviews for me this time but we had both the Football Association of Wales and BBC Cymru at Park Hall, so I looked after them instead.
I enjoy that, from setting everything up right through to the time they leave.
Perch Fishing On The Canal
With the long days of summer still with us, getting up early is a great way of fitting angling into a busy life.
Today’s session saw three species on the bank but predominantly perch, which was my target fish.
Dilwyn’s Diary – The Adventures Of A Bedlington Terrier
The latest addition to our family – although he doesn’t know it yet – is Dilwyn.
Thought For The Day
July 2.
In The Right Place Physically.
Interviewing Head Of TNS FC Foundation, Gill Jones
On the car park at Park Hall, I chatted with Gill about the summer programme and in particular sone funding that has been secured for the Holiday Activities And Food Programme.
Chatting With TNS FC Foundation’s Jimmy O’Reilly
As well as talking with Gill Jones, I also interviewed Jimmy O’Reilly.
We sat on the patio at Park Hall, as Jimmy shared about how he got involved and also current activities.
Thought For The Day
July 3.
Encouragement And Inspiration.