Fishing, Blogging Tips, Latest TNS FC Signing And Thought For The Day

Inspired by the format I experimented with while in Scotland, I’ve decided to continue with it, again to see how it goes.

There are videos with each blog entry and they can be accessed by clicking the images above the related text.

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Thought For The Day
June 26.
Killing Two Birds With One Stone.
Blogging Tips
If you’re a blogger, it’s important that it never becomes a burden but is always a labour of love.
Make sure you run the blog and not the other way round.
After Four Days In Scotland It’s Good To Be Back Fishing
The heading says it all.
A nice perch as well, which was the icing on the cake.
Thought For The Day
June 27.
Have Opinions But Avoid Becoming Opinionated.
No Third Time Lucky Lure Fishing For Perch
I didn’t have much time and that’s where lure fishing comes into its own.
It’s a great way to get more fishing in when time is tight.
Thought For The Day
June 28.
Embrace the positive, release the negative.
Whether By Accident Or Design, It’s Always Nice To Catch A Ruffe
I was due to be in Liverpool at a football game but a late cancellation meant I could go fishing instead.
On the local canal quite early, I did a couple of hours before getting back home and carrying on with the rest of the day.
I caught four species including the ruffe in the lead image, which was the highlight.
Great fish, aren’t they?
Thought For The Day
June 29.
Even When It Stops Raining, Sometimes You Still Get Wet.
Lure Angling On The Way To Work
I woke up earlier than normal this morning and so decided to put the lure gear in the boot and go fishing before work.
It’s a method that I’ve been struggling with of late but how did I get on this time?
Lights, Camera, Action, Photo Shoot With Jordan Williams
The latest TNS FC signing is Jordan Williams, from Stockport County.
One of the first things to do once a player joins the club is to get the photo shoot done.
We booked Brian Jones, TNS’ official photographer, and got everything we wanted for the website and social media posts, plus a personal one for me that you can see above!
Signed From Stockport County, The First Interview With Jordan Williams
After the photo shoot with TNS FC’s latest signing, we sat in the stand as we conducted the club’s first interview with the Warrington-born frontman.
Thought For The Day
June 30.
Don’t Give Up Hope Just Yet.