Garden Pond Update With My Lovely Assistant And A Very Interesting Journey For A Ramshorn Snail

Looking at my pond now, it’s hard to imagine that it was only constructed on March 17.

It looks very natural and wild but more importantly though, it’s full of life, which was the motive for building it.

You can follow specific pond entries via the nature blog in the menu at the top of the page.

On this occasion I was assisted by Nyah, my granddaughter. I love the way she responds positively to nature.

However, my grandson is on another level. He’s younger than Nyah but his passion for the natural world is amazing.

At the start of the video there’s a ramshorn snail that has gone from the pond to a bird bath!

How did it get there? All is revealed in the video, which although I didn’t see them do it, I’m pretty certain my assumption is correct.

Watch the accompanying video.

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