Let’s Lose Some Weight In August Blog – Daily Updates

August 1

The video below includes some thoughts on diets and setting targets, as well as my own goal for the next four weeks. Daily updates, so, as they say, watch this space.

August 2

On the scales this morning and 1lb gone. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Positive eating yesterday, as well as exercise, including going for a run. In addition to losing weight, I’m also looking to improve on a healthy lifestyle overall.

I haven’t played football or been in a gym since March, so it’s about getting on track there as well.

August 3

As anyone who weighs themselves on a daily basis will tell you, weight fluctuates and will often go in the wrong direction, for no apparent reason.

That was the case with me this morning. It’s back to square one. The positive though is I haven’t put any weight on during August.

August 4

No change, so it’s still as you were. There’s always a positive though and, as with yesterday, I haven’t put any weight on.

August 5

I was expecting to lose two pounds today but I’ll settle for one. A step in the right direction. 1lb

August 6

I lost the second pound, a day later. 2lb

August 7

One week in and 2lb lost in total. That means I’m on track. Better to lose weight slowly over time than too quickly. That’s my approach anyway.

August 8

No further reduction in weight. No junk food this month though, and that in itself, is a big positive. It’s not just losing weight but living a healthy lifestyle.

August 9

No more off, probably had too much to eat. You tend to notice that more when you’re focused on losing weight.

August 10

Too much to eat confirmed. Back to square one.

August 11

Thought I’d have dropped as I most definitely got back on track. Nothing though but it will come.

August 12

Not only back to the month’s previous low but also an additional pound as well. Very good. 3lb

August 13

No more weight lost this morning but none on either. Looking to push on in the next couple of days as we approach the halfway point in the month.

August 14

Still static on the weight loss but I was up very early this morning. A few hours later and maybe I would have shed an extra pound. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

August 15

Another step in the right direction. Just this side of the halfway stage of the month and that’s 4lb gone in total. I’m on track.

August 16

Into the second-half of the month and weight up slightly. I’m not concerned though, it’s not as if I’ve been slipping. Weight does fluctuate.

August 17

Weight still up so need to push on, otherwise, wherever it’s come from, it will be permanent.

August 18

Still need to push on.

August 19

Ditto comment from yesterday. Isn’t weight fluctuation a funny thing? You are convinced you’ve lost but when you get on the scales, you’re up

August 20

On the way back down again.

August 21

No weight loss but plenty of positives. Fancied chocolate today but the urge was satisfied by lots of watermelon slices.

August 22

Talking of watermelon, I can eat a huge one on one go. Better to be into that than a large bar of chocolate.

August 23

Still on 4lb loss, time to push on but need to get going if I want to hit the target by the end of the month.

August 24

No change.

August 25

No change.

August 26

Change. I was expecting to lose something on this morning’s weigh-in. Another pound gone, which means 5lb in total over the course of the month.

August 27

Still at the same weight loss. Was hoping to lose again, especially if I’m going to hit the target by the end of the month.

August 28-30

No more weight loss but a good exercise in focus and thinking of the future, watch this space, as they say, in October.


  1. 3 lb, good start. Have lost 2lb myself. Just watching a video of yours from 2009, eel fishing on the staffs/worcs canal. Takes me back to fishing a fair few early morning sessions on the canal in 2010, where I would be fishing as the dawn chorus started, beautiful.

    1. We’re both moving in the right direction. I need to push on now though in the second half of the month.
      Memories are great, aren’t they!

        1. No more junk food money, but if I’m at my target by the end of the month, I’ll give you £5!