Tench Fishing In Shropshire – Confident But Always Realistic

I was hoping this would be my final tench trip on this particular lake for the year. However, I might have to return, as there’s unfinished business.

You can follow the session via the video below.

The tackle that I fished with was as follows: Fox Barbel Special 11’ 1.5 test curve rod and an Okuma Zeon reel.

The reel was loaded with 6lb Maxima Chameleon, with a six-inch hook-length of 5lb Drennan Team England, created by a size 10 swivel and a bead. Above that was a 1/4 ounce lead. 

The bait was a corn-shaped sinker boilie hair-rigged to a size 10 Drennan Boilie Hook. I loose fed brown crumb and corn.

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