Time-Lapse Journey From Sedgley To Dudley, Via Upper Gornal – Didn’t Make It To Cradley Heath

I was driving from Sedgley to Cradley Heath this morning, so decided to film the journey on time-lapse setting, from the dashboard of the car.

This is the second time this exact plan has failed, due to the hot weather, and on both occasions the filming stopped at pretty much the same place. Heat stopped play.

You still get a good three miles of the Black Country though, so for anyone familiar with that area, you’ll no doubt recognise the route.

I’ve done a few time-lapse videos so far, as you can see from the link. They don’t get as many clicks as my fishing blog entries but they do get viewed.

I enjoy watching them myself though, and I think it’s important if you’re a ‘hobby blogger’ to do what you want, rather than simply seeking clicks.


  1. The video ends just outside the Cafe Casita (and just around the corner the local hostelry of Liz and I exists – The Jolly Crispin :)) but you did make it actually beyond there to Eve Hill island? ….

    Eve Hill was a place I was a regular visitor to from 1st Feb 1971 – August 1979 as I was the chemistry technician at Dudley College of Education (teacher training college) which existed just to the left down Castle View … In 1979, due to the cutbacks in teacher training due to falling numbers of children, the college became a ‘Faculty of Education’ under the auspices of Wolverhampton Polytechnic and was involved solely with primary school training (previously secondary school training was also done). The subject technicians, like myself, the biology tech, the art tech, etc were not needed in the FoE and were transferred to the relevant subject faculties based in the main Poly building in Wolves… Over time a lot of the Poly’s satellite sites were closed down (Compton, Walsall, Priorslee … and Dudley). Nowadays, the Dudley college buildings have been flattened and now housing sits on top of them. There were extensive playing fields/pitches (football, cricket, golf, tennis courts, etc) there too… not sure if they remain as a recreation area these days or are also under housing. Cant see from the A459 and I’ve not been down The Parade or into Castle View in years – STO PRESS: just checked Google Maps and it does seem that the grasslands remain! :)

    1. Hello, Steve. The video ends in Eve Hill, the l last image is just a random screen shot.
      It is all very fast-moving though, so not easy to spot.
      Memories for you there, I remember it well also.
      I went to Sir Gilbert Claughton School in the seventies, so travelling from Sedgley, I passed it twice a day during the week on the 58 bus.

      1. Showing age! LOL!
        58 became 558 now 1!!

        Might even have been on same bus at times although I suspect you might have been on an earlier bus than mine :)