River Severn fishing || Small pond angling || Football at Bala || A very eventful shopping trip || Behind the Park Hall media scenes || Sunday sermon

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Blogging life’s journey. September 12-17, 2023.

✍️ Five species of fish from the River Severn topped off by a nice perch more

✍️ A small pond angling session to start the day and the one that got away more

✍️ Dressed To Kill 1946 more

✍️ Behind the Maes Tegid media scenes, as Bala Town hosts The New Saints in the Cymru Premier more

✍️ An afternoon angling session on an overgrown pond more

✍️ The Sons of Katie Elder more

✍️ The benefit of text plus video and a morning angling session more

✍️ The positive impact of the great outdoors on mental health and a walk around Cotwall End Valley more

✍️ The rat, the woman, the bag, the child and three vinyl single singles more

✍️ 1,054 weeks and considerations if you’re thinking of starting a blog more

✍️ Before work, a short session on an overgrown pond more

✍️ Behind the Park Hall media scenes, as The New Saints beat Haverfordwest County more

✍️ A short but sweet angling start to the day more

✍️ Sunday sermon: Where there is no vision the people perish more


    1. Quite a series of events there, Alan!
      The rat was the worst 🤮
      I still haven’t worn the shoes yet, I will do this weekend though.

        1. Hello, Chris. Nice one, you know the venue as well, of course.
          Live ones are bad enough but entrails are worse 🤮