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  1. Stewart i know you are a busy man but if possible can you do some fishing playlists on your YouTube….such as one for pike,maybe one for Sea,Stickleback etc etc.
    I enjoy your vids and tend to have them playing in the background when i’m making pole rigs and pike traces etc so playlists would be useful.
    Thanks…..Mark L

    1. Thanks for the comments, Mark, appreciated.
      I’ll look into that for the future. It’s east to create your own playlist though in the meantime.
      Search YouTube for ‘word’ and add videos to a playlist.
      Your reference to sticklebacks reminds me, haven’t been after those for a while.

    1. Quite a series of events there, Alan!
      The rat was the worst 🤮
      I still haven’t worn the shoes yet, I will do this weekend though.

        1. Hello, Chris. Nice one, you know the venue as well, of course.
          Live ones are bad enough but entrails are worse 🤮