Welcome to Old Colwyn and Colwyn Bay || A new ground and it’s a happy visit to Colwyn Bay FC || A surprise visitor in the garden || Bayside Radio angling and Welsh football chats

Welcome to Old Colwyn and Colwyn Bay

There was no team bus to The New Saints’ game at Colwyn Bay FC, so driving there I arrived early with the intention of enjoying the coast beforehand.

Parking on the promenade, I realised from the road signs that I was on the border of Old Colwyn and Colwyn Bay and my walk straddled the two.

I throughly enjoyed my time there, it was windy but warm and dry.

Although I did some walking as you can see from the video, nevertheless I could sit there for a prolonged period just sea-gazing.

I wonder how many people in the immediate area don’t even visit the shore on a regular basis?

It’s easy to take things for granted, isn’t it?

To be in a place that many others would love to be but we don’t always get it ourselves.