A walk around Cotwall End Valley || Enjoying the tinca campaign || Dilwyn, the Bedlington terrier, at Highgate Common || Swifts still around || Hawkeye And The Last Of The Mohicans 1957

A walk around Cotwall End Valley

One of my favourite things is to get my binoculars, put my boots on and go for a walk around the valley in which we live.

I spend a lot of time nature-watching and, as it’s my local patch, I’m getting to know it really well.

It’s an extensive area and you certainly can’t cover it all in one go, which is great because you always have something different to have a go at.

On this occasion, I followed the brook at the centre of the valley to the farm at the top, walked the meadows up to Moden Hill and then back home via the lane.

I do keep a specific nature diary based on Cotwall End Valley and the latest walk is captured via the video below.

A walk round Cotwall End Valley