Global boiling fishing — Gardening, a labour of love — Meet our new friend, a brilliant video — Starring Doris Day, Pajama Game 1957

Global boiling fishing

I fish in all conditions: snow, wind, rain, ice and storms. I can now add global boiling to the list.

Well, that’s what some are calling it these days. As far as I’m concerned though, it was just a very pleasant summer’s day.

With afternoon air temperature in the mid-20s, I set off for an hour on a small woodland pool.

It was shallow and clear, and due to the weather, very busy with people and dogs passing by.

I was in a tight spot though, so eliminated a lot of the close encounter issues.

There’s more on the approach in the accompanying video, as well as some of the fish caught.

It was a very enjoyable session and although the conditions were challenging, nevertheless it was a fruitful one as well.

Global boiling fishing