A walk around Stenungsund — A walk around Gothenburg — Football memorabilia items from the BK Häcken v The New Saints game etc

Our time in Sweden comes to an end and although we left on day four, our flight wasn’t until late evening so there was plenty of free time.

I had already crossed the bridge alongside the hotel on day two but turned right and spent time alongside the fjord, as it looked out towards the North Sea.

This time, I went the opposite direction, through the subway under the main road and into the town of Stenungsund.

Built alongside the fjord, you can see from the bridge itself before you even get near the town, that it’s a popular boating area.

The marina/harbour area extends for some considerable distance and there are hundreds of small vessels moored alongside numerous jetties.

As always though, it’s easier to let the video do the talking.

A walk around Stenungsund