Cotwall End Valley and garden nature diaries for May 2023

Cotwall End Valley nature diary for May 2023

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May 1

Pair of ravens in lazy flight over the eastern ridge, almost displaying.

First peacock butterfly of the year and an orange-tip.

Single migrating swallow, heading north, flew low over the garden. The first of the year.

May 2

Brief excursion into the woodland towards the bottom of the lane.

Following the heavy rain of two days ago, lots of muntjac tracks in the mud, both adult and juvenile. 

Lots of yellow archangel in bloom at one of the access points. 

Walking back up the lane, a grey heron dropped into a garden for a couple of minutes. 

There was a good chance it was ours, I’m not aware of any ponds in neighbouring homes.

May 3

Male sparrowhawk in flight across the valley from west to east.

May 6

Lots of starlings on the green and in the local housing area in general.

The breeding season is underway, with birds taking food from our feeding station at home for chicks.

May 7

First swift of the year, a bird high in flight across the valley. Looked like a migrating bird.

May 13

orange-tip, large white, speckled wood, small white butterflies all enjoying the sunshine.

May 14

Two song thrush sightings, one along the lane and the other in the road where I live.

Talking of home, lots of regular small blue butterflies in the garden on a regular basis.

Seven mallards (5m, 2f) and two moorhens on the main pool.

Sadly, the moorhens’ nest no longer has eggs.

May 15

First speckled wood butterfly of the year, in my garden.

May 16

Single great black-backed gull circling over the eastern slope.

Cotwall End Valley in May 2023.

May 27

Very quiet on the main pool, mallards (m,f) and moorhen.

Great tit nesting site and treecreeper, both near the pool.

Two swift sightings over the western slope, two birds and four.