Walking around Rhyl and reliving memories

Staying on the north Wales coast, especially as I was just nine miles away, a visit to Rhyl was most definitely on the agenda.

Although I’d been fishing there during the holiday, I’m referring to a walk around the town itself.

When I was a child, like many others from the Black Country where I lived, it was the holiday destination of choice.

With industry pretty much closing down for two weeks – and that included Baggeridge Brick where my dad worked – the industrial fortnight heralded an exodus to the coast.

There were so many Black Country people in Rhyl, they sold the Express & Star.

I’ve got numerous lovely memories of Rhyl and they always come flooding back whenever I’m in the town.

Watch the accompanying video.

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  1. Hi Stewart
    My wife and I moved to Rhyl just over 4 years ago. Like you I have been a fisherman for most of my life (about 64 in fact) and follow your vlogs on YouTube. Not sure whether you are still in the area but if you are it would be great to meet you and your good lady wife and Dilwyn of course. Kind regards and tight lines.

    1. Hello, Glyn. Nice one.
      If would have been lovely to have met you but we’re back home now.
      Especially when I’m on holiday, I don’t post those blog entries until I’m back home. Advertising an empty house and all that!
      Rhyl has so many memories for me, I love it!

          1. If you come over this way again Stewart let me know and I’ll point out a few areas you might be interested in such as seeing the seals at Angel Bay. The best time to see them is from late September through to start of April. On occasions there are up to 70 seals there with their pups. Brickfields in Rhyl is another location. This is a former brickworks and is a popular coarse fishery. Although club controlled a day ticket can be purchased and there is a good head of carp in there with a few over 30 pounds. Check it out here https://www.facebook.com/people/Brickfield-angling-club/100072165150918/
            When you were in Talacre did you go down to the bird hide looking out over the Dee Estuary? Depending on the time of year we get shell duck, oystercatchers aplenty, curlew and egrets nest every year in the trees on the walk down to the bird hide. I noticed in your Prestatyn post that you focussed on the Turnstones. We get a lot of them there and in Rhyl harbour. In the winter we occasionally see snow buntings.
            Kind regards,

            1. I always enjoy watching the seals when on holiday, especially when they come ashore to have their young.
              It’s been a few years back on one of our holidays, when there was a resident one above the Rhyl road bridge for the week we were there.
              We went to the hide at Point of Ayr this time and, as always at this time of the year, it was productive.
              Shelduck, sanderling, curlew, pintail, knot, dunlin, wigeon, brent goose etc.
              When we stayed in Kinmel Bay, used to see snow buntings on the coastline. Lovely birds.
              I fished the brickworks pond when I was a child on one occasion. My dad took me there for a couple of hours.
              When I’m on holiday though, which is always close to the coast, I don’t bother with coarse fishing.
              I take advantage of the opportunity to fish the sea as it’s not something I can do ordinarily, while I can go coarse fishing every day at home.