All In A Nutshell, a Disney short from the first half of the twentieth century

All In A nutshell is a Disney vintage animated short film from 1949.

Back then, as the movie industry evolved, short films were popular.

Costs, combined with production and equipment limitations meant that the long, intricate productions of the future were still very much some way off.

In this film, Donald Duck sets up ‘Don’s Nut Butter’ where he starts to make jars of the food.

He steals nuts from Chip and Dale to get him started and they then take the jars of nut butter in return.

They initially think his stand, which is in the shape of a giant nut, really is one.

The plot continues with Donald and the chipmunks battling each other but in the end the latter get the upper hand.

It’s only seven minutes long so I watched it three times.

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