The northern lights, Saskatchewan memories, got a lot o’ livin’ to do, ten months of semi-retirement but still a box to tick, mentoring in Oswestry

I’ve been semi-retired for ten months now and I’m absolutely loving it.

I know that you can never say never but, barring any exceptional circumstances, I won’t be going back to full-time work.

However, for as much as that side of the equation is settled, the other one isn’t yet. In terms of where I work and what I do, that still needs a cross on the ‘t’ and a dot on the ‘i’.

It is something that I want to get sorted but there’s no rush. At the right time, everything will come together.

I had a message this week asking if I was available to do a couple of days work for someone, which I’m looking forward to.

That’s how quickly circumstances in any situation, not just work, can change. One ping on your phone and you’re sorted.