The Absent-Minded Professor, the first Disney movie to spawn a sequel and another angling reference

A black and white Disney comedy from 1962, The Absent-Minded Professor is played by Fred MacMurray.

While working on a substance that defies gravity, which he calls flubber, Professor Brainard forgets his own wedding.

His wife-to-be, Betsy Carlisle, played by Nancy Olsen rejects his excuses and he sets about winning her affections back.

A crooked businessman steals his car that he can fly in but it backfires. No pun intended.

At one stage, the businessman (Alonzo Hawk, played by Keenan Wynn) is bouncing up and down due to the flubber in his shoes and a number of anglers try to catch him by casting.

The line is used by one of the cast: “Personally, I’m a dry fly man myself.”