Checkmate, a 1935 crime thriller

Another movie watched courtesy of TPTV Encore, it’s a British crime thriller from 1935.

It stars Maurice Evans as Phillip Allen, Felix Aylmer as Henry Nicholls, Sally Gray as Jean Nicholls, Evelyn Foster as Mary Nicholls and Donald Wolfit as Jack Barton.

Phillip Allen is an undercover detective and little does he realise that when he stays as a lodger at the Nicholls’ that he’s at the centre of a jewellery thief gang.

It ends with him fighting with Jack Barton, Henry Nicholls getting shot and Allen making a call to Scotland Yard to request urgent assistance.

Maurice Evans played Dr. Zaius in the 1968 movie, Planet Of The Apes as well as Samantha’s father in the television series, Bewitched.

He passed away in 1989.

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